How Well Do You Know Ariana Grande?

How well do you know Ariana Grande? Do you generally know her personal life and boyfriends? Are you an expert on all of her music? Are you a true Arianator? Take this quiz to find out!

This quiz includes information on her love life, music, and some fun trivia. A regular fan should know many of these answers, although there are a few hard ones. If you're a huge fan, you should get most of the questions correct!

Created by: Joshua
  1. When is Ariana's birthday?
  2. How many top 10 singles does she have (Billboard Hot 100)? [as of November 20, 2014]
  3. What is Ariana's brother's name?
  4. Who hasn't Ariana Grande met yet?
  5. Why does she always wear her hair in a ponytail?
  6. Where did she first meet Iggy Azalea?
  7. Who hasn't Ariana collaborated on a song with yet?
  8. Which song did Ariana not co-write?
  9. Which song did Ariana mainly perform at the American Music Awards (2013)?
  10. Which of these YouTube channels is not an active channel of Ariana's?
  11. Who hasn't Ariana dated?
  12. Which music genre has none of Ariana's songs explored?
  13. What is the correct chronological order of every Ariana Grande single up to November 1, 2014 (excluding promotional singles, Christmas Kisses songs, and singles before The Way)?
  14. What is the most common name for Ariana's fan base?
  15. What is Ariana's nickname?
  16. How many copies did Yours Truly and My Everything sell in their first weeks?
  17. Which of her singles sold 438,000 copies in its first week?
  18. Can Ariana Grande actually sing?

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