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Slice,Slice, end the pain. End the misery, cut the vein. Rest, Dream, Sleep up tight. For tonight, this will be your last night. this tear bringing poem... if it does, anyway...this quiz will reveal what may already be the sad truth.

I thought life was pointless. you left me alone You went out to dinner while i stayed home i stayed in my room watching the clock alone in my room with the door locked an egg hit my window i look outside the jerkass’ from school taking a ride egging my house shouting my name i feel a deep internal pain i walk down the stairs not controlling my feet my thoughts flash back when i first could see the blurry white image of mother above my light skinned father who perished above i go to the kitchen and take out a knife they caused me my pain on this horrible night the kids outside have gotten drunk they break the windows, those hideous lunks. as they aproach me laughing at my stand i pull out the knife and wave it in my hand i jab it at them they laugh and dodge i look at the knife and realize my cause my life was poinless i jabbed my heart i coughed and hacked as i tore me apart the lunks quickly sobered and rushed out the door as i coughed and spat blood onto the polished floor i turned over and looked up at the sky and found that i began to cry why had i turned to death at despair my mother and father hadnt been there i love you dad i love you mom just promise me youll forgive me before long.

Created by: Jenifer

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what letter does your name start with?
  2. what colour is your skin?
  3. do you like being happy?
  4. do you like your friends?
  5. what of the below do you favour?
  6. pick one.
  7. witch below is your fave band?
  8. have you ever kissed somebody thats NOT IN YOUR FAMILY?
  9. i know this is in every quiz, but fave colour?
  10. witch describes you?

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Quiz topic: Am I emo? by an emo