Hogwarts Love Story Part 9

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Created by: 5thMarauder

  1. The match went on for a while until something horrible happened.About a hundred dementors,all at once,swooped down onto the pitch.The next thing you saw was Harry falling off his broom and the teachers conjuring their patronus's.You conjured your partronus(to everyone's astonishment)and went down to the pitch with Hermione,Ron and Ginny.
  2. When you reached the pitch,you saw that Cedric had caught the snitch but was trying to call it off.The twins came over to you,looking worried."Are you ok?" they asked at the same time."I'm fine",you replied.You all headed to the hospital wing to see Harry.When he woke,he was confused about the match so the team explained it to him.After the team left Ron,Hermione and you explained about the patronuses,and that his Nimbus 2000 had been wrecked.
  3. Madam Pomfrey insisted on keeping Harry in the hospital for the whole weekend,so you and the rest of the'Golden Trio' only left at nightime.You spent so much time with the golden trio now,people started refering to you all as 'The Golden Four'.On Monday as the four of you headed to DADA,Ron said "If its Snape again,I'm going off sick.Check who's in there Hermione".Hermione peered around the door and said "It's ok! It's Lupin!".You went in and when the class began,everyone began complaining about Snape.Remus smiled."I will speak to Prof.Snape about it.You don't have to do the essay"."Oh no!" exclaimed Hermione."I've already finished it!".
  4. The next couple of weeks passed quickly,and when you woke one morning two weeks before end of term,the whole place (outside) was covered in ice and snow.Inside the castle,the buzz of Christmas was in the air.The castle was already decorated,and everyone was discussing their plans for christmas.Ron,Harry,Hermione,Ginny,Fred and George and you were all staying for the Holidays.
  5. The Friday before term ended,Hermione and Ginny asked if you were going to go to Hogsmeade with them."I can't.." you said."I've got plans.." They smiled."Who is it?" they asked together."W-what?! How did you-" you began but Hermione interrupted."We know these things,______"
  6. "Oliver",you sighed."The quidditch captain?!",exclaimed Ginny.You nodded."I knew it!",said Hermione triumphantly."How did you know?!" you asked."He's ALWAYS staring at you,_____.Look tonight at dinner." "Whatever" you said,shaking your head in disbelief.
  7. That evening when you were eating at the Gryffindor table with Ginny,the twins,and the Golden Trio,Hermione nudged you.She tilted her head to the left,signalling for you to look.You and Ginny glanced sideways,making it unnoticeable.Out of the corner of your eye,you saw Oliver staring at you.All three of you burst out in hysterical giggles,making the boys stare at you all,wondering what was going on.When you went to bed that night,Hermione said "I told you".
  8. The next day,you headed to the shrieking shack.When you were close to the fence,you saw Oliver talking."Sit!" he said."Stop it! If you don't stop,I'm giving you to Fred or George!!" "What are you doing?" you asked approaching curiously.Oliver turned around and smiled."Look what I found!" he said excitedly.He held out his hands,and in them he was holding something fuzzy and squirming.
  9. You came nearer to get a closer look."a MONKEY?!" you exclaimed."Yeah,I found it in the forest,and I didn't want to leave it..but he's so annoying! replied Oliver."You can share him if you want.." he said.You smiled."OK! He's so cute!".Oliver handed him to you.He climbed up your arm and sat on your shoulder.You laughed but were stopped in mid-laugh.You kissed Oliver for a while until whispering brought you back to earth.
  10. You looked over and saw a group of Slytherin girls in your year,all staring at you.You rolled your eyes and took Oliver's hand leading him away.When you got to Hogsmeade,The monkey jumped off your shoulder,running away.You and Oliver took off after him,dodging in and out of people.When you finally caught him,you were all the way back at Hogwarts,and out of breath.You and Oliver spent the rest of the time wandering through the castle,making fun of each other.

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