Hogwarts Love Story Part 8

Part 8 is here!! Not a lot of very important stuff happens,but hey,thats life. For all you Oliver lovers out there(like me),I think you will like this one.

And all you Draco lovers,I'm sorry he's not in it a lot,but he will be sometime,don't worry! All the other guys aren't in it a lot either,but that will change!!

Created by: 5thMarauder
  1. The five of you turned around when the person spoke,and you saw it was Draco Malfoy.Harry scowled."What do you want,Malfoy?" "I'd watch out if I were you Potter" he said."What are you talking about?" asked Harry."Don't tell me you don't know!" replied Draco."If you aren't going to tell me then leave",growled Harry.Draco turned around and went to the Slytherin end of the room.
  2. Percy,the head boy,began calling "Quiet,everyone! Lights out in ten minutes! Harry went back to Hermione and Ron,but you sat in between Oliver and Fred. You suddenly felt like doing something,so you grabbed a pillow and whacked Oliver's head with it. Oliver began laughing and hit you with his.The twins grabbed their pillows and suddenly Harry,Hermione,Ron and Ginny had joined you,and a giant pillow fight was happening.
  3. Suddenly,all the lights went out.The eight of you gasped,unable to see.You reached out,looking for someone.You grabbed hold of one of the twins and Oliver? You all lied down on the sleeping bags.You quickly fell asleep.When you woke up next morning,your head was on Oliver's chest,his arms around you.
  4. You got up slowly,not waking Oliver up.You,Hermione and Ginny left the Great Hall,to go your classes.All the school talked about the next couple of days was Sirius Black. The next day,you were walking to charms,when Remus called you."_____",he said."I think you should have this".He handed you a black book."What is it?",you asked."You'll see",Remus replied.You opened the book to see that it was a photo album.
  5. On the first page,was a photo of a man holding a red-haired baby girl. He had long(ish) black hair,a handsome face,and he seemed to be laughing all the time.You turned the page again,and saw another photo.This time,it was of the same girl,but with a boy the same age(1),with messy,jet-black hair.
  6. You turned the page again,and this time it was a picture of your parents holding the girl.Then you realised the girl was you.You walked to charms,looking at the photos,seeing people you didn't reconise,wondering who they were. Suddenly you walked straight into someone."Sorry",you said,looking up.Kian(your brother)was looking down at you."It's ok." he said."I heard Wood's your boyfriend",he said smirking."It's none of your business",you replied."What's that?" he asked,looking at the photo album.
  7. "It's called a book,genius",you replied walking on."What sort of book?",Kian asked."A photo album.Remus gave it to me."you replied."Can I look at it after?",Kian asked."Sure",you said. When you got next to Charms,you sat next to Harry,and looking at him,you realised it was him in the photo.You pulled it out and handed it to him."Is that us?!" he asked."I think so",you replied."We knew each other?" Harry said."Apparently so",you said."Cool!" said Harry.After charms,you headed to DADA,and when you walked in,you saw Snape sitting at the teacher's desk.You about to ask where Remus was,but then you remembered what time of the month it was.Almost the full moon.
  8. The next morning,you woke up early.It was the day of the quidditch match,and you were going to watch.You dressed quickly,and looked out the window.There was a huge storm blowing.You,Hermione and Ginny walked down to the quidditch pitch and stood in the stands.Within five minutes,you were soaked to the skin and freezing.You saw the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff teams cross the field to face each other.Cedric and Oliver shook hands,Cedric smiling but Oliver looked as if he had lockjaw.
  9. *Hey guys!! I know not a lot really happens in this one,but thats because the stuff that DID happen had to happen...if that makes sense to you...and 'you' didn't know it was 'you' in the photo cuz in the summer you liver with your other older brother,and there aren't a lot of photos of when you were 1*
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