Heart of Darkness Quiz 2

This quiz is based on rising action in the book Heart of Darkness by Joesph Conrad. It was conducted by the students at South West Career and Technical Academy.

Did you understand the concept of Heart of Darkness ? If not, take the quiz and see how much you really know. If you think you know, take the quiz anyways !

Created by: april

  1. Who shot the arrows at Marlow and the crew?
  2. Who did the natives kill on the boat and how?
  3. What did the agents on the boat do in respond to the natives?
  4. What made the natives finally run away?
  5. What did Marlow do with the helmsman's corpse?
  6. What happened when the crew decided to turn back when they figured that kurtz was dead ?
  7. Who was at the station when they arrived?
  8. A while later, when they arrived at the station, the natives came out holding someone on a stretcher. Who was that person?
  9. Describe Kurtz
  10. After a while, Kurtz's assistant got off the boat and ran into the forest, why ?

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