How much you're afraid of darkness?

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There are people who are afraid of darkness and dark places.Some other people don't afraid of darkness at all and some of them like darkness more than

brightness!wanna see how much you're afraid of darkness?if your answer is yes,start this quiz now!and if it's no,take this quiz too because taking quizes is fun!

Created by: dragon

  1. So this quiz is about how much you GTQ's quiz takers,afraid of darkness.
  2. The first question:Where do you sleep at night?
  3. Okay you're on your bed and you're ready to sleep!How much brightness is in your room?
  4. When you want to sleep..Is the door open or closed?
  5. You go to your causin's room.It has no lights!How do you feel?
  6. For guys:You're going to help a princess!For getting to her castle,you should go into a dark forest...
  7. For girls:You're in your castle and waiting for the handsome prince to come and help you!But...maybe he's lost in the forest!will you go look after him or you'll just wait untill he comes?
  8. Night or day?
  9. I usually like short quizes.So I'll finish this quiz now.
  10. I usually like short quizes.So I'll finish this quiz now.
  11. So this was one of Dragon's quizes!Hope you liked it.Please rate and comment so I see how many people liked my quiz and how many people hated it!Bye!

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