Are you a goth or hippie?

Goths enjoy darkness,and for hippies it's peace. They both began in a hard to live era,and they are both completely different but interesting. The music,clothesline,and everything else is very cool to many people nowadays.

Which one are you? The darkness lover, happy enjoyer,fighter,protester? Well,if you want to know the exact truth about your either dark or peace loving personality,than take this "test".

Created by: Wyatt Gogolin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite band,what genre?
  2. What color suits you the most?
  3. How often are you depressed?
  4. How would you describe losing your life, being a mortal?
  5. What movie genre interest you the most?
  6. What does your t-shirt represent?
  7. Please describe your hair syle.
  8. What movie/book ending suits you.
  9. What gives you a great peace of fright and horror?
  10. Now the grand final,what makes your mind wonder..later become interested?

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Quiz topic: Am I a goth or hippie?