How Well Do You Know Harry Potter

Peace enjoy this quiz I'm a hippie are u the ultimate Harry potter fan no ok u can still do the quiz for me yeah plz do the quiz and make a girl happy

You might be able to win a bear it might be a hippie cause of my excessive talking about hippies but uh yea enjoy And make sure u answer the right answers because if u don't ummm u won't win a bear so uh yeah

Created by: Not Telling

  1. Who are Harry's best Friends?
  2. What are the four houses?
  3. What is Voldemorts Real name?
  4. What is voldemorts snakes name?
  5. How many Harry potter movies are there?
  6. What is Ron scared of?
  7. What are Muggles?
  8. Is Slytherin the house of Evilness???
  9. I'm bored the answer is no
  10. Last Question is Lilly Evans Harry's mum?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Harry Potter