Which Harry potter character are you?

The series of Harry potter are truly amazing I'm my eyes. As I was going through this website I wondered what character in Harry potter my personality would reflect on.

Do you want to find Out? Well just answer these simple twelve questions and the result will be right ahead of you! Hope you enjoy, and certainly no cheating!

Created by: Hpperson
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You got an alright, not that good result in an exam, what's your reaction?
  2. Draco and some other slytherins are calling a hufflepuff girl a mudblood. Your reaction?
  3. Cedrics death, reaction?
  4. What house do you want to be in?
  5. Who's your favourite teacher?
  6. One of your friends of the same gender forgot their pyjamas and ask you for some, but you don't have any. What do you say?
  7. What's your favourite colour?
  8. Your broom brakes, reaction?
  9. Who is most likely to steal money?
  10. Thanks for taking this quiz, want to see your result?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry potter character am I?