Which Harry Potter character are you?

Many people relate themselves to film characters. MAny of them being Harry Potter. But do you know which one you truly resemble??? The true fans know deep down, but can you work it out?

Are you Harry? How about Ron? Maybe even Hermione? If you think you know the true meaning of the characters, see which one you are most like, it will surprise even the most knowing minds.

Created by: angel
  1. You see someone lying in the street bleeding. Do you?
  2. You are in an epic wizarding battle.What do you use to help you?
  3. On your quest do destroy an enemy wizard, you and your friend fall out. What do you do???
  4. You have open a magical shop up. What is it about?
  5. You want to be hidden from guards at a bank. Do you?
  6. Your main aim in life is?
  7. You try and free an innocent man. How?
  8. Your colleague is hurt and you know a spell that could save him. Do you?
  9. You see yourself as...
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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I?