How Emo/Punk/Goth are you?

Emo is not all about cutting.goth is not about evil,and punk isnt all about inappropriate can be really cool and fun and be these things!!!

Well in this quiz you will be finding out how emo or punk or goth is your INNERself.If you dont like your result then im sorry but this quiz is made for fun dont take it too seriously and dont go hatin'.this is for FUN so have FUN!!

Created by: LittleMissPunk

  1. What is your favorite color?(classic question :})
  2. What color is your hair?
  3. How do you dress?
  4. What kind of movie do you like?
  5. How artistic are you?(or creative/imaginative)
  6. What do you like to do the most out of these?
  7. Do you think you HAVE to be pale to be emo or something?
  8. Are you emo or punk or goth?
  9. What music do you like?
  10. Please read the description so no one gets mad please.and did u enjoy the quiz?its the last question.

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Quiz topic: How Emo/Punk/Goth am I?