The fortune teller

It has been my pleasure to read peoples' fortunes for many years. The pure delight I see in one's eyes when I tell then they will get a puppy, or tell them who they will marry. But the future is not all fun and games. Sometimes I see terror as I tell them they will be murdered.

This quiz is for young girls under 15. Don't be afraid to see the future, because together we can change it. I will tell you what you can do to prevent it, but sometimes the darkness is too powerful. We can just make it better, though.

Created by: Rosie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Darling, pick an element.
  2. Do you have a crush?
  3. What color are your eyes?
  4. What color is your hair?
  5. Do you have a cat of dog?
  6. Do you plan to get married?
  7. Will you comment and rate? This is not important.
  8. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  9. Can you swim?
  10. Can you--oh! Ahhh!
  11. Oh, I tripped. My ankle's a bit sore, and I'll just sit here. Some ice would be good.
  12. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  13. Okay, I'll tell you now. Wait... I'm reading the signs...

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