What Is Your Fortune For Today?

Tired of those same ol' horoscopes in the daily paper? Well here's a totally inaccurate horoscope specially created just for you! Entertainment purposes only, $9.99 a minute, cash in advance!

The spirits are conversing on your Fortune. You result will appear shortly. And apparently, your check has bounced, so I'm gonna need that $9.99 now... Come on.. Cough it up... Hey you think I spit out fortunes for free?

Created by: Zeri
  1. What is your sign?
  2. Do you usually read your horoscope?
  3. How is your luck, normally?
  4. How is your Karma?
  5. Do you carry a charm or talisman for good luck, Like a four leaf clover or rabbits foot?
  6. Do you have a religion?
  7. Place your palm on the screen so as I may read it.
  8. Ok, now take a deep breath and concentrate on your future, and what you want your fortune to reveal.
  9. Ok, now pick a number from 1 to 6.
  10. And finally, What time of day were you born?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Fortune For Today?