How Are You Feeling Today

Feelings are often overlooked by most of us – sometimes because we have learned that listening to them is interpreted as a sign of weakness.But today you will pour your heart out and answer these 12 questions and I will calculate how you are feeling today>

It’s a very common pattern to see people in a team feel bad at the end of the day, despite the fact that great things have been achieved sooner in the same day.I hope that you will like my quiz I worked very hard on it.It took me about 5 hours to complete and past where it is.

Created by: Kattie
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  1. Did you laugh today?
  2. Did you cry today?
  3. How would you say that your day went today?
  4. Did people make fun of you in the past week?
  5. How is your family today?
  6. Was there a death in the family in the past month?
  7. Did you take another quiz today?
  8. Do teachers normally interfere with how you feel?
  9. Do you like candles?
  10. Are you random?

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