How Lucky are You Today?

Salutations! Feeling lucky today? Great! Take this quiz to see if you can guess from the increasingly random options. I apologize in advance; this quiz is really weird.

Ok, so this quiz is kind of a joke, because I had no ideas. I hope you have fun, though you probably will think I'm the strangest person ever. That's alright. I am 99% sure no one reads these. I sure don't.

Created by: ReeseButtercup
  1. Choose one:
  2. Choose one:
  3. Is this quiz completely pointless and random?
  4. So sorry. I don't expect anyone to take this, but it's to level me up!
  5. Choose a dessert:
  6. I'm tired of this quiz.
  7. We're almost done, so choose a shape:
  8. Pick an artist:
  9. Can we be done yet?
  10. Bye people! Hope you had fun wasting your time.

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Quiz topic: How Lucky am I Today?