A random quiz about moi :D

"Do you know anything about moi the great, smart Avatar-wei, who has mastered the knowledge of math,science, history, and reading. This quiz is very....easy if all of you people know me....this quiz is hard if you don't know me unless you are very lucky for some apparent reason.

"This quiz involves very weird and random things about me that you would dare not expect...do you have what it takes to finish this quiz or shall you flunk into the deep botton pit of failure" Find out now :D

Created by: Joel Vazquez

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are the color's of my eyes?
  2. Who is my best friend?
  3. What is my personality?
  4. Do I like the holiday's?
  5. What food do I likee?
  6. What super power do I want?
  7. Do I like video games?
  8. What do I wish for?
  9. How many hours do I spend on the computer?
  10. How long have you known me?

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