Everything's Random

Do you like being random? Saying random things, seeing the random in everyone and everything? Do you have what it takes... TO BE RANDOM!?!?! OMG THE RANDOMNESS OF IT ALL.

Well, step right up! Get your random tickets right now. Find out if you're really random, not random or so-so random!! Oh, the intensity!!!!! Find out NOW!

Created by: Alannah

  1. Hey. Yes or no?
  2. You're walking down Main Street and you hear your favourite song that you THINK you know all the words to. Do you:
  3. Lemons and porkchops!!!!
  4. Hey!
  5. It's the magical leoplurodon, Charlie...!
  6. janvnyambmqavngjhbqybmg?????
  7. Mushrooms and socks, Mushrooms and socks. They go together like doors and locks.
  8. Cats or dogs?
  9. Are you obsessed with yourself?
  10. Octopi or caterpillars...
  11. ...and Jasper the Hobo Ghost said, " I wan dew eat all youw po-tay-toez an youw chilwin!!!"
  12. Do you talk to yourself?

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