The Random Quiz

Be random enough to complete this quiz at 100%. I know i am... so have fun looking for pink dots on the caps lock key. cheese, horse, pickle. sorry, just a few random words to make this box 150 c h a r a c t e r s ! yayyyyyyyy. RANDOMNESSSS.

P.S. If you looked at the caps lock key then, i give props that you are actually smart enough to read. GO THIRD GRADE DIPLOMAS! GO THIRD GRADE DIPLOMAS! GO THIRD GRADE DIPLOMAS! ahhh. those lovely ABC days. A B C D E F G.......... H I J K and so on.

Created by: Venus Fly Trap

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you saw a hippo with a tumor, would you pet it?
  2. Why does the caps lock key have little pink dots on it?
  3. Think about it.
  4. When was the civil war?
  5. I wanna go to friendlys! ...
  6. What is a fact on the snapple caps?
  7. What is your favorite food?
  8. Your motto in life is...?
  9. Last question... do you like beets?

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