really insaine random quiz

there are many random people but are you the most ramdom one take this non stop laugh riot to find out if your up to it lama and CHICKEN and mr and mrs monkey say hello to you people

are you really random or is it just your imagination is what your friends say your are if so take this quiz to find out this is a funny quiz with no educational value so dont think to hard about it

Created by: abot101
  1. lama lama lama lama lama chicken lama lama lama lama what goes next in the phrase
  2. green day
  3. if peat and repeat are on a train and peat falls off who is left?
  4. when i say to you say: deep frier!! two!
  5. mama mia here i go...
  6. duh do duh duh dadadadada dadaddaadadadadadadadaaaaaaaa p.s. this is a song!
  7. yummy yummy in my _____ tummy
  8. are u a ....
  9. your phone starts riging and its 1:30 in the morning you...
  10. how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
  11. are you done with this quiz this is the last question
  12. .
  13. i lied that wasnt the last question
  14. people are people
  15. if you picked the non-funny questions YOU ARE BORING

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