Personality Quiz:

Okay, so in the normal persons life they fall into some catogory. What catagory do you fit into? Or do you fit into one at all? This quiz is designed to see who you are.

Take these questions one at a time, and think them over. Random questions get random answers. If you are a mix of several characters it will also show up. Let's see how well I can match you.

Created by: S
  1. What name would you choose for yourself, if you could?
  2. Clothes?
  3. Art style?
  4. Favorite time of year?
  5. Favorite place?
  6. What do you think of yourself?
  7. What would your super powers be if you were a super-hero?
  8. Friends?
  9. Activities?
  10. Who would you be in a book or movie?

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