Would I Date U?

I have liked a lot of guys I've come across but do I like you? Take the quiz and get very accurate results and tell the truth...lying will get you nowhere! Not with me.

Do you have the looks, the personality for me to like you? Do you have what it takes? Trust me, I am strong headed, stubborn, but I think have a great personality! Try me! Take the quiz and find out!

Created by: Jenni
  1. Are you athletic and/or popular?
  2. Are you nerdy or geeky?
  3. Hair color?
  4. Hair Style?
  5. Braces?
  6. What kind of clothes do you wear?
  7. What's your hobby?
  8. Ideal first date
  9. Are you with someone now?
  10. Do you like me?
  11. Will you rate this quiz?

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