Would i date you?

do you wanna get a date from a tall 5'7" blonde 7th grader just take this quiz and see if your right for me and if not ill set you up with one of my friends and if they dont like you, you aint got a chance with anyone(from my point of view)(please dont be affended from this, remember that a 7th grader wrote this and ya)

Thanks for choosing this quiz. Soon you will find out if you can get a date from a tall 5'7" blonde 7th grader or not. but look on the bright side of things you wont have to break up with me but most of the time i am the one who breaks up with all of my boyfriend so be aware of that and have fun taking this quiz.

Created by: Teah

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  1. Do you like tall girls
  2. Do you like blonde girls
  3. Do you have acne
  4. Do you have a phone
  5. Would you ever cheat on me
  6. What letter does your name start with
  7. What grade are you in or the closest
  8. What part of the U.S. do you live in
  9. Did you ever get held back
  10. Would you date me

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