Who is your dream date [part 1]

There are four choices to this quiz. i'm hoping to make this a series. the four possibilities are Kyler, David, Ben, and David. you have a certain period of time to decide which one you would like to date. HAVE FUN!!

this is a series and you have a certain period of time to decide which of the four possible guys you would like to date. have fun choosing and im hoping to make this a series. please comment and rate and make sure to have fun!! thankss!

Created by: sarah and heather
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  1. You're at the mall with your BFF and you see some really hot guys checking you out. What do u do?
  2. Which guy attracts you most?
  3. They all start walking over to you. All of a sudden, the short blonde hits you on the head with a bat.
  4. You wake up and your in someone's house, surrounded by all four guys. "hi, im kyler, this is andy, david, and ben. sorry ben had to hit u on the head, but we think you are reallyyy hot!!" "over this period of time, we want you to decide which one of us you want to date." "we will be trying to convince you to pick one of us." you are totally shocked and LOVINN this. what is your next responce?
  5. You start walking around your "new" house and you find Kyler looking at himself in a mirror. "Hey Kyler, whatcha doin?" "Seeing how hot i am." he replies, "do you wanna go out tomorrow night to Friendly's?" "Sure, what time?" you ask, "how about 7ish?" "Okay" see u then u respond. What are you thinking about this date?
  6. you're skipping back to your room and you see Andy on the computer. you ask him what he's doin. he replies nothing and your like w/e. all of a sudden, he pushed you against the wall and starts passionatley kissing you. what do u do in responce?
  7. Ben walks in and see's andy kissing you. he comes in and says "ANDY STOP!" you guys stop and ben takes your hand and brings you over to his room. he says he wants to talk. he says how he thinks your really cute and he would never try to hurt you. he asks you on a date for tomorrow night and u say you already have plans with kyler. he gets really jealous and it looks like he's about to cry. what do u say?
  8. Finally you find David. He wants you to go out with him but you said you're still deciding. you ask how long you have to make your decision but he doesnt know yet. who do u think u want so far??
  9. Your favorite guy so far takes your hand and you have no idea where your going....
  10. ohh CLIFF-HANGER!! come back for part two! please comment and rate!!

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Quiz topic: Who is my dream date [part 1]