Dream Date (With Powers).... Part 1

Hi I hope you`ll like this quiz. It`s my first time making it! I hope you will come back for the second one please! If you do there will be a lot more drama! thanks!!!!!

Hi I hope you`ll like this quiz. It`s my first time making it! I hope you qill come back for the second one please! If you do there is going to be a lot more drama! bye!!!!

Created by: Aimee
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  1. When you wake up you just relize that your not in your house. You stand up and see a girl in your bedroom. She says to you "My name is Aimee. Whaat`s yours?" You anser that question in a frightend and vonrible tone. " It`s ______. Why?" Just after you say that three guys walk in. The third one says " Okay we know this is a little akward for yo-." " A LITTLE AKWARD!!!! YOU THINK IT`S A LITTLE AKWARD THAT I`M NOT IN MY HOUSE AND AWAY FROM MY MOM, Jenny, MY DAD, Jared, MY 2 SISTERS, Eliza, and Sarah, AND ALL OF THE FRIENDS AT SCHOOL, Gina, Kayla, Ashley, Haily, and Natily,!!!!!!!!!!!!" The second one speacks up and says " Hey, Babe, look we`re really sorry we took you away from your family and friends. We really are. But you have to listen to us. You have a secret and so do we. We really know it`s really akward for you. That`s why have Aimee here. So you get comfertebul with your femanen side. You-you-you are an angel. We saw you at the park. The first time we saw you. Remember Mason,Me, Matthew,Him, and Dustin, Him. He points to them when he says their name.
  2. all of the boys tell you to get some rest. You do what they say. when you wake up you get dressed. Mason walks into your room and tells you that their having egg and sausage for breakfast. you say "Okay." As you go down stairs you hear something outside. Matthew says " No, Don`t go out there let Aimee worry about it. You started to get scared and as that happend you were becoming an angle. Dustin screemed; " HEY GUYS SHE`S SCARED SHE`S GOING INTO ANGLE FORM!!!!!" And that was the truth... You couldn`t hide it. You started to rise up into the air. Then you got amazed and just fell down you weren`t an angle anymore!
  3. So you run outside you see a boy out there. He says "Hey Baby. My names Andrew." You get so scared that you go into angle form again. Mason says. "______ Yes, do that when harm comes become scared. Now lazer zap him!!!!!!!!" You do as Mason says and lazer zap him. You feel more afraid than ever so you run inside with Aimee. But she`s not there.
  4. It`s nearly lunch time and the boys are warn out. Mason asks you " Hey honey can you make lunch?" You reply " Sure what do you want?" Matthew says he wants pizza. Mason says he wants mac and cheese. And Dustin says he wants Soup. What do you make?
  5. (Let`s say you make all of them) You hand them all their food. You ask them how they like it Mason said " This is like the best food iv`e ever tasted.*Mason Kisses you*" You say "Thank you Mason!"
  6. That`s all the time I had for hope you like it!!! bye!!!!!!!!
  7. pick ramdom things!
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