this is a RANDOM! quiz! the questions are random! the answers are random! the points you get are random! but because there's not enough RANDOM!ness in your life, you're going to take it!

seriously! do the quiz already! no one reads these paragraphs! just skip it, and get on with the test! why are you still reading? you think i'm gonna maybe accidentally let slip some of the RANDOM! answers??? not likely! i don't even remember them myself! so ha! ha ha! and again, ha!

Created by: andrew!
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. 6?
  2. cheese?
  3. smarties
  4. yes?
  5. no?
  6. maybe?
  7. blank?
  8. ?
  9. star
  10. shirt
  11. 13?
  12. where?
  13. wonder
  14. six?
  15. yoda
  16. three
  17. purple?
  18. done

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