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  • "17"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "I'm sick AGAIN!"
  • New thread, new me.
    "Hey sorry for barging in but I'd love to roleplay with you sometime! I'm sorry for dropping our last one, my phone broke and I couldn't get ..."
  • RP anyone?
    "Oh wow I completely forgot about This, I'm soo sorry! So do you have any genre preferences?"
  • ")Oooh is it too late to join?)"
  • Play Nice
    "Sorry to bother you, but do you still wanna continue this? It's completely fine if not!"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "Oh oof! You to, hope we can talk soon!"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "Huh! And PSATs are like your finals, right? Do you like Halloween, too? Do you have any plans?"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "Sorry, what's a confirmation? I'm trying to make it through Mddle School, it's definitly an adventure! But I can do it! I'm so ready for Chr..."
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "Not at all! I hope I don't get sick, that would be the worst. What have you been up to lately?"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "That's good, I like food haha. I've just had to watch my sisters and they've been throwing up and they're so grumpy... I love them, but some..."
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "Hi again! What's up?!"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "I'm tired..."
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "It's a lot more active than it was a month ago lol."
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "Sorry, I have to go! It was nice chatting with you! Have a good day!"

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