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  • How Lucky are You Today?
    [published: Jul 11, 2019]

    Salutations! Feeling lucky today? Great! Take this quiz to see if you can guess from the increasingly…

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  • I hate being ignored.
    "I'm srry to intrude, but now everyone knows your password. I can help make an acc--- for you, but it'd be best if you were the one actually ..."
  • Bruh whaaat
    "Hi lol"
  • I am a loser who
    "I gtg! Thanks for chatting with me!"
  • I am a loser who
    "I think it's best that way lol Oh... Yeah I turned 13 in June. And I don't think it's possible to have fun in Middle School lol"
  • I am a loser who
    "Well, I like this site! Hopefully I'll stay here forever... Just kidding, that would be weird if I was like 80 and still on this site... ..."
  • I am a loser who
    "Well, it is very dead haha but I do like the people, so I somehow keep coming back. :) I'm glad, Mondays can be hard. I'm just "
  • I am a loser who
    "Hi yeah I joined three months ago. This is a second acount, my first was CressPotter. So how are you doing?"
  • I am a loser who
    "Hello! If you don't wanna talk, you can always kick me out, I don't wanna be annoying."
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "Paige, if I don't see you I want you to know you're awesome and I'm sorry for being so uninteresting. And for the rest of you,"
  • "I know I don't know who he is lol"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "I'm about to leave for a LONG time. Anyone wanna talk?"
  • "I'm Reese, I'm a nerrd who's 13. I love to sing, swim and read, and I've been getting into acting. I LOVE desserts and I'm pre"
  • Cress's Sattelite
    "I'm back lol"
  • "(OK, this will be the last of my random disturbances. I'm back, partially, but to make it easier for everyone, I'm just gonna "
  • Cress's Sattelite

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