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Thread Topic: Katnip

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    Um... excuse me?

    Dude. but-

    ack. eeee nooooo peeta is soooo much betterrrrr
  • OK... Keep telling yourself that lol. I'm glad I found a fellow Hunger Games fan tho!!
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    Okay, I would actually like to debate this with someone, bc most of my fellow Hunger Games fans are team peeta ngl...

    What is it about Gale that you like better? And what is it about Peeta that you don't like?
  • Oh alright, if you wanna play this game lol.

    So Peeta's pretty much so weak, and all he can do is hide and go insane and make bread... But Gale literally saved Katniss's family while she was in the arena, and all she does is kiss Peeta so... And Gale was her first love! Also, Peeta and Katniss's love was based on an act. That's super creepy and uhealthy... And Gale is just so sweet, but super sensitive too! And Katniss doesn't have to worry about protecting him.

    OK, there you go...
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    Hm. I guess if you put it that way... Okay.

    But I still think Peeta is better :)
  • Lol I cried at the end... of anger. And also I think the ending was super rushed and weird.
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    Yes!! Same. Thing is... I didn't cry when Prim died... I cried when Katniss was hanging out with the cat and she was yelling at the buttercup that prim was gone. That was when I couldn't keep it in any longer...
  • Oh the only other time I cried was when Rue died. Poor little thing!
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    I almost cried when Rue died. But the tears didn't come out lol.
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    Dark chocolate is AMAZING
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    Ew! dark chocolate is way too bitter for me lol
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    Unicornkat Novice
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    dragonsfire Novice
    Dark chocolate is better. It also turns out it's healthier too, but I like the taste.

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