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Do you know your random facts? Maybe you might get lucky and get them all right or it could go the other way round. From cars to Danny Phantom enjoy!

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Created by: Raptor Gal

  1. Cockatiels ears are?
  2. Which Mythbusters team member is know as a robo geek?
  3. Andy Griffith is?
  4. The colour of love is traditionally?
  5. Cows have?
  6. Leonardo (from the ninja turtles) has what colour headband?
  7. Ralf (from Reck it Ralf the movie) has what colour hat.
  8. Sunflowers are what colour?
  9. The fastest car speed recorded is?
  10. Timmy Turner is from what show?
  11. In Japanese legend what causes tsunamis?
  12. Which one of these characters are not from 'Teen Titans Go!'?
  13. Danny Fenton (from Danny Phantom) closely resembles?
  14. Pizza originally comes from?
  15. Sea lions live for an average of?
  16. Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom) is?

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