How Well Do You Know My Soap Charries? 2

This is a one of those quizzes about my soap characters, They're alot of them, some I forgot. Are YOU a follower of my soaps? I have done alot, i couldn't find most of them though. Still, are you good enough and part of the soaps enough to get 100%?

Are you a Good soap remeberer? Well, In this Edition of How Well Do You Know My Soap Charries, We'll find that out, Plain and simple. Fair and square!

Created by: OZZYIOMMI
  1. What often happened to Marshall? What caused it?
  2. What did Fang do to Max? From the 'Maximum Ride Soap'
  3. This is hard. What did James think of Ally?
  4. Who said this: "I picked up my phone. Yeah, sure, whatev. I went to send it. I stalled a second and put Peace out, Bro
  5. What did Marshall say when Addy said "I can't read minds, Smart one."
  6. Who did Marcus meet?
  7. Who was keith's Sisters' Friend?
  8. Who was the character that 'Looked like David Bowie' and what book is he from: In "I give In"
  9. How originally did 'I hazeth Like.. An Awesome Soap Idea' end?
  10. What did Germany do to France?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know My Soap Charries? 2