How Well Do You Know My Soap Charries?

This is a one of those quizzes about my soap characters, They're alot of them, Brett, Stephen, Ozzy, Ozzy (the other one), And some i forgot. Some i haven't remembered!

Are YOU a follower of my soaps? I have done alot, i couldn't find most of them though. Still, are you good enough and part of the soaps enough to get 100?

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. Let's start with an easy one, What was the disorders Stephen suffers from in Dragons "New Soap Opera"?
  2. What was one flaw Ozzy had that Lindsey wanted, and helped to change?
  3. Why did Lynx stutter in Hephs Animal Soap: "Okay I want a soap"? Which featured Ice, Zelda, Lynx and Spiral.
  4. In the hetalia soap, What did Germany say to france when he caught him trying to peek under Belarus' dress?
  5. What did the other kids call Grant in the soap opera i did with Raven? called "Hey anyone wanna do a soap?"
  6. In Hats "AWSHUM IDEA ALERT" soap, what was Ozzy's Hobby/Job?
  7. Name:------(im SOOO lazy today) Age:17 Hair:blond,80's hair clothes:a red tee-shirt and jeans others:has alot of secrets,has an icky past What's his name?
  8. Where did Brett Live? Where did Curtis live? In hephs 'anything goes except power playing' soap?
  9. What's Stephens Best Friend?
  10. Why did Ozzy Want to be a vampire like Lindsey?
  11. What is Ryans real name?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know My Soap Charries?