Falling Feathers pt.4(The Clash)

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Welcome to part four of Falling Feathers.I took long and I'm sooo sorry.I'm still upset though.I made part 15 of I Know Your Secret but it didn't show up on the new quizzes list AND my profile.I got upset because I worked hard on it too:(

RECAP:You get to see Jody,an elemental,and you were still wondering if Cyan will ever tell.Baya and you team up and try to torture Cyan into telling you but it doesn't work.You give up and tell Bay to let go of him and she leaves you two alone.You beg him one more time but he doesn't tell you.You got upset and next thing you know,both of you are kissing.ENJOY:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Cyan pulled away,a smile painted on his face. "I'll see you later."he whispered,walking away. I blushed.I am totually not telling Baya this.She would be angry with me.I walked in my room and decided to take a warm shower.
  2. When I finished,I got changed in black skinny jeans,a white top and heels.I alway wanted to try the heel my dad gave me for my last birthday but never got the chance because my feet were too small but now,I fit the heels.They were a navy blue color but darker.After I put them on,I put my hair in a messy bun.I looked at myself in the mirror.I look beautiful! "Like always."a voice chimed in behind me.
  3. I turned around and saw White smiling.I went red. "Thanks but stop reading my mind."I teased.White shrugged. "Anyways,I got a suprise for you." I stared into his crystal eyes. "What?" "I'm g-" There was a knock on the door."Starry,"A guard's voice started. "Your dad needs you.It's a meeting." I groaned and his footsteps faded away.I glanced back at White. "Right.The meeting.I totally forgot."He muttered.I saw his eyes sofen with sadness. "Come with us." White shook his head. "I can't.I'm not invited."
  4. "Why not?!"I asked,angry that my dad probably didn't wanted him to come. White shrugged. "I don't know but..."he trailed off,his eyes deepen with sadness pleading and understanding. "i feel like I'm...useless.Like nobody loves me...."
  5. My heart ached. "Don't think that White.You are the best person I've ever met.You might be different but..to me,you are special.Unique.Brave.T-" White put him finger on my lips.His warm touch made me shiver.I gazed in his eyes again,not realizing how close the both of us are,to the point where our noses touched. "Starry,I'm flattered...but,you're only one person..."he put his hand down,backed away,and left.
  6. I ran out and followed him. "White,talk to me.Is it my dad?Is he still bugging you?" White pulled out a white flower crown.He loosen my bun,making my hair fall down,and placed the crown on. "There.Now go to the meeting." I took his hand."I'm not leaving without you." White nodded slowly and we both walked toward the meeting room.I let go of White's hand and I grab the door knob but White grabed my hand quickly,pulling me close to him. "Your dad wants you in your angel form..." I scoff."No way." White looked at me deep in the eyes. "Please...for me?" I blushed and nodded,closing my eyes so I would change.
  7. I felt myself feel diffrent and I opened my eyes.White was staring at me in awe.I blushed once again and he open the door for me and I walked in,White following behind...
  8. Everyone was staring at me in awe as I enter.My mouth fropped as I noticed that the elemental group was here.My eyes stopped on Jody.His eyes were on me,and his mouth was slightly open.I blushed and my dad cleared his throat.I glanced back at White who was glaring for some reason and I glanced back to my dad.He stood up. "Starry,you made it for once.Come sit my dear." I sat down by my dad.Jody's eyes didn't leave mine.White looked down,turned around,and headed out,not looking back...
  9. I got up quickly and ran out after him,my dad calliing my name.I followed White outside and he spread his white feathery wings,ready to take off.I called out his name and he stop,turned around and frown. "Starry....what do you want?" I caught up with my breathing and stood in front of him. "No White.I'm never leaving you.I-" White grab my shoulders."You need to go back to the meeting.You're making everything....worst."
  10. I stared in his eyes and we both started to lean in.As soon as his lips touched mine,I wrapped my arms around his neck.He didn't kiss back at first but then I felt him did.I threw my body close to him,closer closer and closer until both of us were smushed.He reached back and unlocked my grip and pulled away...
  11. My eyes glued to his. "Starry-" This time I placed my finger on his smooth,soft pink lips and shhed him.He remain silience,his eyes dropping down at the clonds we were on. "Take me down there please."I beg,making his eyes shoot up.His lips curved into a small smile and he took hold of my hand.Both of our white wings touched making both of us smile. "Ready?"he asked,his hand tighting mine.I nodded and we both jumped into the sky,his hand letting go of mine.
  12. We flew down toward the earth.The wind smash up on my face making me smile harder.I took off my heals and continued to fly.We finally reached down the earth,my feet brushing on the soft green grass.So this is how grass feels like.I LOVE IT!!!
  13. I looked around for White but he wasn't there.Where is he?I walked around and picked up a flower. "Wow..." I smiled puting the flower in my hair.This is even better than up there.I love it down here so much. I then felt arms wrap around my waist from behind me..."You like it?"
  14. ***I'mma stop there.I took long on this part and I'm sorry.Who do you like?

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