Falling Feathers pt.3

Welcome to part three of Fallling Feathers.I took long because I had a writer's block-.- but here it is.Finally right?lol in this part,alot of point of views are here and theres a special vistor entering this part:D ok I need to stop spoiling it:P Enjoy!

RECAP:You heard that there are bad news and you want to find out what it is but your dad would't let you so you want Cyan to tell you.Knowing that Cyan would tell you,you went to get your best friend,Baya

Created by: rvelez

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  1. I ran down the hall,and into her room.She was painting her room a cyan color.Her blonde hair was in a messy side ponytail,she was wearing baggy boy clothes and a pair of polo boots. "Baya,I need your help but first,are you seriously painting your room cyan?My dad is going to flip if he sees this.Remember he said not to paint your room another color but your own?" Baya dropped her paintbrush on the newspapers and jump down the small ladder. "So?Yellow is so dull now." I rolled my eyes. "So what's up?"she asked,wiping the paint on her hands with her shirt. "My dad is being a jerk,not letting me enter the Solid room.Cyan said that there are babd news and I want to know." Baya perked up at the name Cyan.She has a big crush on him. "So you want me to beg him and make him miserble until he gives in?" I nodded and she squealed."I'll do it but I might do more than begging.I mentally sighed. "Whatever you say."I muttered.She bited her lip and went back to painting.
  2. *Golden's POV* I sighed,taking everything in.I wish I could hurt them,trash them around,make them miserble.I went out the balcony and look down,the clouds were finally out of the way.The people down there were like ants.
  3. I glanced up and saw someone flying toward me.I ducked down as the person whoosh,landing on the balcony.I got up,furious.My eyes landed on those blue eyes. "Earth stone keeper,Jody."I smirk.Jody smiled and shrugged. "Yup."
  4. "So what brings the young earth here?"I joked.Jody brushed his jacket. "Sterling.He's been spying on us,you know...on the beach." I raised my eyebrows."He's not suppose to be spying...yet." Jody's mouth dropped. "So your'e saying that you four are going to spy on us?Why not help instead?" I chuckled."We are going to help you all,Jody." "Well,can you help us now Aaron?" I closed the balcony doors
  5. I glared at him."Don't be calling me by my real name when I'm up here,Jody." Jody smirk."Tell Sterling to stop.He knows I hate that son of a -" "How about YOU tell him."I suggested,not wanting to talk to Sterling.Why?Cause I hate him too. Jody nodded."Where is he?" I shrugged."I haven't seen him in a while." Jody sighed."And Cyan?How is he?" "I'm perfectly fine,Jody.Thanks for dropping by."Cyan said,coming in.I growled."Ever heard of knocking?" Cyan chuckled."You,my friend,have hearing problems."
  6. I smirk,failing to be angry.Jody crossed his arms. "Long time to see,Lars." Cyan punched his arm,laughing."You know how I hate my real name but then again ya'll bother me with my nickname." I laughed."I thought you loved your nickname,Astro." Cyan shrugged."Anything but Astro for a nickname is fine." The three of us laughed.
  7. "Anyways,why are you here?"Cyan asked,sitting on my bed.Jody slide his fingers on my flatscreen tv."Sterling."he muttered,finally turning on the tv.Spongebob cover the screen.Cyan raised an eyebrow."Why?Is it because he's spying on ya'll too much or is it beacause the stone problem?" Jody faced us."So you DO know about the stones?What about Lucarus?Is he going to punish us?" Both Cyan and I glanced at each other. "Well,he DOES know about the stones and he's pissed,but the good thing is that we get to help ya'll find them."Cyan replied.Jody nodded."Can I speak to Lucarus?" We both nodded and the three of us headed out into the hall.
  8. We turned a corner and stopped at Lucarus' office.I knocked on it gently for he hates loud knocking and banging. "Come in!"he called out.I open the door,seeing him working on paperwork. "Ah Golden,ready to finish this mountain work of paperwork."he joked.I step aside so Jody would come in view.Lucarus' eyes widen. "Jody,the earth stone's keeper.Welcome my boy!" Jody smiled and looked at us,signling us for privacy.Cyan and I went out quickly.
  9. *Starry's POV* Baya and I searched all over for Cyan . "He's right there!"Baya squealed.I glanced at her direction and saw Cyan with Golden. "CYAN!CYAN!CYAN!"Baya called over.Cyan's expression turned upside down and he pulled Golden away from us.
  10. Baya tackled Cyan in a hug. "Baya!Let go of me!"Cyan groaned.Baya laughed but continued. "I'll see you later,Cyan.Have fun with Yellow."Golden smirk,leaving.Cyan growled."I'mma get you back Golden!" Baya let go and pecked his cheek.Cyan growled again but whimpered as though the kiss made hurt him. "What do you want from me?" Baya held on to his wrists. "Tell us the bad news." Cyan scoff and struggled to escape her grip. "I can't and I won't." I put my hand on his stomach making him jump up. "No please Starry.Anything but a tickling fight."His cyan eyes pleaded.I smirk."Tell me or I shoot my famous tickling fight." Cyan frown but lighten as White came by. "White!Help,please!"he begged.White chuckled. "You girls let him free you bullies." I scoff but then White had me and Baya in a grip as well. Cyan sighed."Thanks,White.I owe you one."he glanced at us and walked away.White releaseed us. "What were you two doing to him?" I rolled my eyes. "Really?He got away." White looked offended. "Well I'm sorry."he smirk.
  11. "Do you know about the bad news?"I asked.He made a face."Bad news?There are tons of them."he joked.Baya pinched him.White yelled in pain. "Go somewhere,Yellow." Baya rolled her eyes."It's not Yellow anymore.It's Miss Cyan for your info." White ooed."You get worst by each second." Baya rolled her eyes.My dad's office door open,a guy stepping out.I knew him from the second I laid eyes on him.His blue eyes,brown hair..."JODY!THE EARTH STONE KEEPER!"
  12. He glanced at me. "Starry!Hey!"I ran up to him,giving him a bear hug. "Can I have your autograph?"I joked.He chuckled and backed away,fixing his gaze at White. "Well hello White.Hows it going?" White shrugged."Nothing much.You?" Jody sighed."Alot." White chuckled."The stones won't come to you,you know?" Jody nodded. "Hows Avery and the rest?" "Alright..well..except for Avery.He's stressed out." White nodded in understanding.
  13. "I'll see you around.I'm kinda busy."White sighed.Jody nodded and White left. "So have you heard the bad news?"I asked,hoping he'll tell me. "Actually,Blue's getting in my nerves and I want to talk to him.In other words...beat his @$$." I laughed."Too bad he's not here." Jody nodded."Well,I have to go now.I skipped our team's meeting.Bye."he leaned down, kissed my cheek and left.
  14. *White's POV* I ran in Leaves room.Gosh what is a fallenangel doing up here?I don't want to see Jody or Artie up here with us,angels.Doesn't he feel awkward with angels around him?I shook the feeling.At least I was kind to him,right? I help a guy up.All the people in this room have some mental problem(special eds) and they can't leave the room.We are called feathers and they are called leaves because their wing's feathers are rough and hard like leaves.I don't mind being around them.They are very kind.
  15. The guy made a crooked smile and walked slowly to his friends.I saw a girl trying to escape out the window. "Hey!Stop!"I called out,running toward her.Her blanket cover her face and she hurried.I grab her arm bringing her back in. "What were you thinking?"I asked softly.She shivered and I gently picked her up bridal style to her bed.
  16. I laid her down. "Thank you...Whitie."she whispered.I smiled and tucked her in.I turned around and saw a guy holding out a cup.His bony shaking hands held it up to me.I grabbed it. "You're thirsty?" He nodded his head in a crooked way.I smiled and walked toward the fridge.I took out the orange juice and pour some in.He laughed and took his drink happily.
  17. *Starry's POV* Baya sighed,ploping on her yellow bed."Why does Cyan hate me?I'm beautiful." I chuckled. "Something's wrong with his eyes."I teased and she rolled her eyes.We both saw Cyan pass our room and we hurry out to catch him up.He was looking through paperwork,licking his finger to turn the pages.I grab the paperwork and Baya held his wrists. "STARRY!BAYA!NOT NOW!CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY?!"He yelled but we ignored him.
  18. I smiled evily."Tell us Cyan then we will let you go." Cyan smirk."I would never give,Starry.You ask your father that." I rolled my eyes. "Please,Cyan.I"m begging you.i need to know so I can help ya'll out." Cyan shook his head."Can't.Your father won'y let me because you hang out with White.He doesn't trust you anymore." I growled."Let him go Baya.He can go." Baya's mouth dropped and she let go,walking away.
  19. Cyan stared at me and rubbed his wrists. "I'm sorry Starry.I wish I could tell you-" "It's ok.My dad wants to be like that,I'LL be like that."I looked down and sighed,wishing I could leave this place and go down there. "Starry,"Cyan started,lifting my head up,his warm fingers under my chin. "Don't worry about it.You'll find out soon.Promise." And with that,he pressed his lips against mine.
  20. ****Ok thats it for part 3.Stay tuned for part 4 and sorry for taking forever:D

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