Falling Feathers pt.6 (The Climax)

Welcome to part six of Falling Feathers. I took long. Sorry. Time taunts me. I'm not getting much done and that makes me wonder: 'Am I giving up?!' The truth... I don't know..... Hope not but anyways, part 17 is out on IKYS.

RECAP: Flake and you went down earth to chill. Both of you saw Falcon got kidnapped by Noreen and you tend to tell the team. You also learned that Blue was evil, that he's a fallen, and Jody knew all along. Both of them fight and fall off still fighting on earth. Jody ammits that he hate being in the team and that he wants to work alone and suddenly Noreen comes by saying: "Hello Jody." ENJOY:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. *White's POV*As soon as we got closer to Canada's place, the sun fell like it couldn't hold on much longer and it got dark. "White....I don't want to go any further.Can I go back up there?" I heard Starry whispered. She was shaking and thats when it hit me. We didn't have any time to have fun together and now she wants to go home. I sighed,"Yes.Go back and I'll tell them.Get some rest..."
  2. She smiled and hugged me once more. I felt her lips press against my cheek, making me smile. "I'll see you later. Be careful White."she whispered. I nodded and she flew up in the dark sky.
  3. I continue to walk, finally standing in front of Canada's door. I sneak a peek inside the nearset window noticing that the other angels were inside as well. Blue wasn't here though. I furrowed my brows and slowely crept to a window. I peeked in and saw _____.
  4. I knocked on the window somehow startling her. She walked up and peered out noticing me. "F-Flake?" I nodded hoping she could hear me like I could hear her. "_____, we need to talk. Now."
  5. *Blue's POV* I pushed Jody inside our lab. Noreen was playing with Falcon's hair. I grabbed Jody by the wing and threw him on the lab table, tieing him up. He growled and noticed the unconsious Falcon. "FALCON!?" Noreen hush him as Rodrick came in with three other guys. "Ready? Chance's having the party. They might get him to ask questions so we're going." I nodded. "Excelent."
  6. "You better keep an eye on Chance and don't let him be taken by those idiots. Make sure he doesn't say anything to him and if he does....he dies." Noreen ordered, stroking Falcon's cheek. Jody's eyes widen. "What?!" I held up his necklace along with Falcon's. "Theres no way to escape. Not without these." I laughed stuffing them in my backpack. Noreen snapped her fingers. "Go now. Chance called."
  7. I nodded putting on my bookbag and heading out with Rodrick and the other guys. This outta be fun... We flew over to Chance's which was the crowdest party I've ever been to. I saw Chance walking over to us. He smiled and greeted us. "Ya'll came late but not too late." I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Those idiots might come anytime soon now. Got the plan?" Chance gave me a thumbsup. "Ready when you are."
  8. *Starry's POV* I paced back and forth waiting for my father. He finally came in angrilly. "Spill.Now!" I groaned. "Dad, it was nothing serious. I wanted to go down there so it's not White's fault." "But even though I wasn't his fault I still told him NO!!! And now he's helping the team?! Thats the last straw!" Baya came in with a container. "We ran out of straws, sire."
  9. "YELLOW!!! GO AWAY. NOW!!!" Lucarus yelled. Baya nodded and left. "You won't be seeing White for a while....maybe forever...."
  10. *Blue's POV* We went in and blended in the crowds. Chance went off to him position and waited. This is the night I'm in charged.... at last...
  11. *** Yes thats it. I took long. Sowwy:c

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