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  • Noreen playing with Falcon's hair? Sickening D: WHAT? Won't be seeing White? But Father! You're so unfair! Must you? D: hmph, I'm seeing White anyway since I'm princess, and I'm a rebel, and I'm also _________, so I get to see White regardless, so THERE *sticks out a tongue* Yup, that was childish XD oh no, don't quit, rvelez! I enjoy your writing :3 it's just because of school season that viewing is all down and such. And OH! GOODNESS. I don't think I ever got around to commenting on part 17 of IKYS... because I finally caught up, but I didn't have time exactly when I finished... lemme go check

  • ^lol your comment made me laughxD and I keep on getting those thoughtD: it makes me wanna quit>.< but I will try not too:)


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