Falling Feathers pt.2

Welcome to part two of my second series Falling Feathers.I am getting pretty busy this week and it makes me mad.I quess late releases are coming but I'll try to spend my free time making these cause I usually draw when it comes to that time:P

Ok...so in this part,you will get to know the guy's name in the result. Lets hear it for Orange fusion.This part was a quick release because of her*claps* lol. RECAP: Your dad was making fun of White and you for angry.You yell at him and ran in you master bedroom.

Created by: rvelez
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  1. A tear ran down my cheek.Why am I crying?I heard footsteps coming toward my room.I hugged my legs,waiting for who ever it is to enter.There was a knock on the door and it was gently,so its probably not my dad. "Come in."I muttered and unexpectly,White came in.
  2. He stepped in and closed the door behind him."Are you okay?"he asked,walking toward me.I nodded and sighed. "How did you know I was hurt?" White sat down."Well,I saw you running down the halls and I thought I should stop by.I have my ways."he smirk and I gawk at his crystal clear eyes.Yes,the only feature I love from him.His jet black hair is wavy and nice like Jesse from Full House,his lips were a perfect shade of pink,he was tall but not very tall,musculiar and a very nice tan.
  3. He laid on his back and sighed. "I'm so tired and I still have to go to the leaves room and help." I frowned. "Not today because I will cover for you."
  4. White sat up quickly."What?You can't.Your dad-" "You deserve a break,Flake.Now leave or I'll change my mind." White laid back down. "I'm not letting you do it and don't say my real name or you'll get in trouble." I raise my eyebrow. "Flake.Flake.Flake.Fl-" White sat up and cover my mouth. "Please.It's disrepectful."White whispered. I rolled my eyes and he slowly uncover my mouth. "Besides,I expect better from you." I scoff."I hate staying up here.I want to go down there and run around the grass.Staying up here is boring." White nodded."Yeah,I guess you're right.It feels good down there." I glanced back up at his eyes. "One day,we'll go down there together,I promise."White said standing up.
  5. I smiled. "You mean that,Flake!" He smiled. "Cross my heart." I felt myself go red. "I have to go.I'll see you later,Starry." I nodded and stood up as he left.I squealed and jump up and down toward the open balcony.I look down at the people.They were like ants but sadly,the clouds kinda cover the whole veiw today.I sighed.
  6. "One day...I'll get to walk on that green grass."I said to myself.I heard another knock on the door.I usually get alot of knocks everyday,being the princess of the greatest angle,Lacarus,my dad. "Come in."I called out.The door open,revieling Blue.
  7. He stood under the doorframe,staring at me. "What is it,Sterling?"I asked,calling him by his real name.You see,my dad thinks it's disrespectful to call out someone by their name,so he gave them all color names.Blue eyed me,confused. "Your dad is searching for you and why did you say my real name?" I smiled and went out with him trailing behind. "He seems very furious.What must you do that?" I stopped and glanced at him.His blue eyes showed nothing but bravery,his dark brown curly hair almost falling over them.He has a musculiar body just like White,a tan and he's tall of coarse.
  8. Blue's eyes glanced down then back at mine. "You need to go and don't call me by my real name."He murmmer.He turned around and left. I rolled my eyes and took a left down the hall.There it was.My dad's meeting room.I pushed the double doors and enter.He sat there on his throne already glaring at me.I snoticed Golden sitting on the long table where everybody sits for the meeting,filling paper work.He glanced up then back down.
  9. "Starry,why did you embrassed me in class!"he yelled. I noticed Golden eyeing me in the corner of his eye. "Dad,that would have not happen if you called White stupid." Lacarus smirk. "But i have NOT called him stupid.He is unintelligent,it's what I said." Golden look up at both of us and stood up. "Sire,If you like,I could do these later?" Lacarus nodded,showing him to the doors. Golded picked up the paper work and walked out the door,leaving my dad and I...alone.
  10. i took a seat where Golden use to sat and buried my head in my arms,trying to avoid my dad's dark brown eyes. "Starry,I am waiting for a more respectful anwser."
  11. "Dad! ARE YOU SEROUIS?! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND A WORD I JUST SAID?!" Lacarus growled.Just then,Cyan came in. "Sire,we have a problem that only YOU can fix." My dad stared down at me.He shook his head and followed Cyan out the door.I trailed behind them,entering the solid room where all reports come here.Computers were lined up,people in each,typing and getting mail reports.Cyan sat down and pulled up something,showing Lacarus.I tried to quickly take a glance at it but he got in my way and pointed at the door."Starry,I told you a million of times to NOT enter this room.Now out!"
  12. I growled and stormed put,slaming the hard metal door.I need to get in there somehow or at least beg Cyan to tell me whats up.I smile evily.I know someone who can beg him.My one and only best friend,Baya.
  13. ***ok I know this part was boring but ah wellXD The reason why these are short is because its like from another girl's pov and you are really suppose to be reading my other series but reading this will help alot on my other but I promise that these will get longer and longer til I will be like to question 30:P

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