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  • I'm only one person? I'm only one person, White??? Nuh-uh, you come back here, mister! Don't make me slap some sense into you. What about the Leaves, hm? What about the other boys? And what, me being only one person isn't enough for you? You want quantity over quality? *shakes White* *glomps White* *squeeze hugs White* I'm not letting you go until you decide to stop being so hopeless and down on yourself, nope, you're not leaving, White, and, yes, I'll be enjoying every minute of this XD

    On a different note, don't be upset at yourself for not posting sooner! To me, you update super quickly 0.0 I mean, barely past a week? Girl, if that's late for you, then what am I? XD looking forward to part 5 and to me getting time to actually catch up with your other series ^^


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