Do you know about Pokemon?

There are many people playing pokemon, because pokemon games has selled more than 210 million copies.but,few has smart (can)answer pokemon question .

Here,in this quiz, you will tested by packet of Pokemon questions.This is will be long quiz, because there are 49 question that will be all about pokemon.let's begin!

Created by: KC from Indonesia!
  1. What is important to completing pokemon game?
  2. Who is the champion of Hoenn?
  3. Who is the champion of Sinnoh?
  4. What is signature move of Arceus?
  5. Doom Desire is signature move for....
  6. Psycho Boost is signature move for....
  7. Who is pokemon have many immunity?
  8. What is the newest Pokemon game?
  9. Currently,there are .....known pokemon.
  10. Currently, there are ... Known ball.
  11. The best type Ball EXCEPT MASTER BALL is...
  12. Currently, there are... Type.
  13. What is the strongest move (not counting Selfdestruct and Explosion)by base power(not counting STAB)
  14. What is acronim of STAB?
  15. What is the strongest Pokemon by base stats?
  16. What is the weakest pokemon by base stats
  17. Who is the longest /tallest pokemon?
  18. What is the heaviest pokemon?
  19. What is the lightest pokemon
  20. What is the lightest LEGENDARY pokemon?
  21. How many percent chart of Water type exist?
  22. Ratio getting Shiny Pokemon is
  23. What is PokeRus?
  24. Chance of getting PokeRus is
  25. What genre game that we play as Pokemon?
  26. What genre game that we capture pokemon not using poke ball, but with capture styler?
  27. What series game that gather all Nintendo character(such as pokemon, Mario, kirby,etc.)and battle??
  28. Mystery Dungeon introduced in generation...
  29. Ranger introduced in generation...
  30. Super Smash Bros. Introduced in generation...
  31. Pokemon is the....ranking best selling game in the world game history.
  32. What game that 1St ranking best selling game in world game history?
  33. What event item we needed to capture Shaymin in platinum?
  34. We can obtain Manaphy from...
  35. This is list of region appearing in main series,except...
  36. This is list of region appearing in Ranger series, except....
  37. These town in pokemon Mystery Dungeon is exist, except
  38. What main series that have its remakes,except?
  39. Total there pokemon.
  40. We can capture Chansey in Sinnoh.Where and percentage they exist?
  41. Dialga can be captured in....
  42. Heatran can be captured in ....
  43. Where location of pokemon day care?
  44. Who is the Strongest trainer in game?
  45. Red strongest pokemon is...
  46. Cynthia strongest pokemon is...
  47. Currently, there are.... Generation.
  48. Why you taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about Pokemon?