A true Pokemon fan will try to get all the anime episodes in there head. I love Pokemon so I thought I would create a quiz about Pokemon.

My LEAST favorite region so far has to be Unova, because I feel like it copies some things from passed regions.

Created by: HaHaLOL
  1. How old is Ash Ketchum
  2. What is the first region Ash explored?
  3. What was Ash's first starter Pokemon?
  4. What happened before Ash got in a coma?
  5. Why was Ash embarrassed after he picked his Pokemon?
  6. Who was Ash's first caught Pokemon
  7. Who did Ash steal a bike from in the anime?
  8. What gym leader first followed Ash on his journey?
  9. what is the region from 2013?
  10. Who is the Poke-puff maker in Kalos?

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