AWESOME Pokemon Test :)

Welcome, dear Pokemoner. You may have seen the title already that it says that it is a test about Pokemon. Well, I think you know Pokemon since you clicked on this quiz. Well, lets talk about Pokemon. It is a famous series of games that started on 1996. That's all, I guess.

Did you ever wonder if you know a lot about Pokemon? If you don't know a lot, do you want to know what else to discover in the big world of Pokemon? Then start answering this quiz, Pokemoner! And don't forget to rate and comment,tnx!

Created by: ThisIsYandere07
  1. Which pokemon is called the "Overturning Pokemon"?
  2. Most Pokemon are ____ type.
  3. Which group of legendary Pokemon is called the "weather trio"?
  4. Which of these will evolve by trading?
  5. Which of these is Grass/Fighting type?
  6. Which group of legendary Pokemon is called the "Lake Trio"?
  7. In which generation did the Pokemon "Gurdurr" appear?
  8. Which Pokemon is alien-based?
  9. Which of these are "genetically-modified"?
  10. Which group of starter Pokemon appeared on Gen.4

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