A moderately diffucult Pokemon quiz

Take this test to find out if you are a Pokemon master. Most likely, you may be, or you may not, or you may be looking for practice Qs on the Pokemon University Entrance exam 2016?

In this quiz, you can see if you are a pokemon genius. Now i gotta study for my test, so I'll just wait until I finish writing this paragraph, so enjoy!

Created by: Eradicatorofunif-----ry
  1. In Season XY of the anime, after team rocket gives their intro, what two pokemon chip in and make the scene livelier?
  2. How many pokemon types are there
  3. Can Audino Mega Evolve?
  4. How does togepi evolve into togetic?
  5. What pokemon is known to wear the skull of its dead mother?
  6. How does Kirlia evolve into Gallade?
  7. What pokemon uses its tail for painting?
  8. What is the evolution chain of Ekans?
  9. Which among these is a legendary pokemon with Fairy Type (either dual or single type)
  10. Difficult question: How does Lickitung evolve into Lickilicky?

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