How well do you know pokemon

Many people want to be a pokemon master, but they rarely ever are. Pokemon masters know absolutely everything about pokemon. They also have a passion for pokemon.

Are YOU a pokemon master?! You just might be one! One way to find out, is to take this great quiz!! It will compare your answers, and decide if you are a pokemon master.

Created by: gabby
  1. What is the name of Lucario's mega-stone?
  2. Who is Pikachu's pre-evolved form
  3. Is Jirachi legendary, or mythical
  4. Which two pokemon are always clashing
  5. Which pokemon doesn't evolve
  6. What type is goodra
  7. Who can mega-evolve
  8. Who is stronger
  9. Who does Heliolisk evolve from
  10. What type is Azumaril

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Quiz topic: How well do I know pokemon