Only a true Pokemon master will score 100%

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There are many people who claim themselves to be Pokemon master. Are you a Pokemon master? Can you score 100% in this easy Pokemon colour quiz? A true Pokemon master can easily score 100%.

The questions have a Pokemon. The options have two colours. You need to pick the colour most closely related to that Pokemon. You may also like to check out my blog, the link given below.

Created by: aadee

  1. For every question, just guess the colour of the Pokemon. Eg. If the question says Pikachu, your answer will be Yellow. Don't argue on canary yellow or mustard yellow. Just the simple yellow. And choose "Got it" or you can't score 100%.
  2. Raichu
  3. Bulbasaur
  4. Charizard
  5. Kadabra
  6. Butterfree
  7. Caterpie
  8. Goldeen
  9. Blastoise
  10. Gengar
  11. Geodude
  12. And my favourite Lickitung

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