What Pokemon are you? (Black/White)

I just thought that I would make a Pokemon quiz! It's a personality quiz, and it is not based on the Pokemons' types or moves or anything, but rather, based on their personalities.

Whenever you catch a Pokemon, a small portion of the Pokedex includes a sentence or two about what they are like. I have used these descriptions as a personality test; of course, the descriptions are very basic and minimal, so it has my own interpretations on their descriptions.

Created by: weird_shtuff
  1. I'm going to skip the boring usual questions (favorite color, blahblahblah..) so let's just jump right in to this! You're walking along and it's raining and-
  2. Thanks for interrupting -_- AS I WAS SAYING.. You're walking along, and it's raining, and you see this person waiting for the bus, and they don't have an umbrella. They look really sad, and cold. And wet. And did I mention they don't have an umbrella? Oh, hey, look, what's that in your hand?.. It's... an umbrella! Who knew?
  3. Anyway, just as you're about to do something, the bus arrives, and the sad, cold, wet, umbrella-less person gets on and exits your life for all eternity. Do you feel bad for not being nicer?
  4. You keep walking along and you come to an intersection. You have the walking light, so you step out on the street, when all of a sudden, a car goes speeding through the intersection, missing you by inches.
  5. You keep walking..and you come across a homeless person.
  6. The homeless person wakes up and stares at you for a while. After a bit, he says something that is complete gibberish.. It sounded like "Dyev alull smuthin teet."
  7. You leave, because the homeless person is starting to creep you out a little.. Oh, look at that, the weather is starting to clear up! And look, there's a nice little park up ahead!
  8. You come across a picnic table and there are some other people, enjoying a nice meal. Ooh, look, it's your favorite kind of food!
  9. They notice you eyeing their food, so they give you a sandwich.
  10. You're enjoying a nice meal with these people when suddenly the world starts to go fuzzy..
  11. You black out, and when you wake up, you're on your computer, at GoToQuiz.com, taking this quiz. Welcome back to reality.
  12. Time for the boring questions!
  13. What is your favorite season?
  14. Out of the following, in your opinion, what describes you best?
  15. And if you were to ask someone else, they would say you are...
  16. Of the following, your favorite thing to do is..
  17. When someone gives you a gift, you...
  18. If you had a thousand dollars, what would you do with it?
  19. Favorite time?
  20. Which, of the following, is most important?
  21. Alrighty, I think that's enough questions..

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Quiz topic: What Pokemon am I? (Black/White)