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In our world or even around us, there are many people that occupy with pokemon. There are fewer that know a lot of things about them. But only a few know the secrets which are hidden in the wonderfoul world of pokemon.

Are you one of these people. Are you able to take this challenge and solve the test. If you do, proove us inside of this great test based on pokemon knowledge

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  1. Which one is the worst pokemon ability?
  2. which is the non legendary pokemon with the best attack stat?
  3. which pokemon cannot learn any TMs-HMs?
  4. which pokemon has the best base defense stat?
  5. in which level does aron evolve into Lairon?
  6. does arbok evolve into seviper
  7. which are the weaknesses of the rock type?
  8. which is the weakest pokemon based on stats?
  9. which is the most powerful non legendary pokemon based on stats?
  10. In which pokemon type belongs REGGIGIGAS
  11. how does tyrogue evolve into hitmonlee?
  12. which one has better sp.attack stat?
  13. Which is the weakness of normal type
  14. Which move can be learned only by chatot?
  15. Which one is squirtle's hidden ability
  16. In which number of the national pokedex can anyone find celebi?
  17. which one has the best base speed stat?
  18. which is the base attack stat of groudon

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