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There are many people around us who know about pokemon! There are fewer who occupy. But there are only a few who are pokemon masters. Rarely someone becomes easily pokemon master. Because of that, i created this small quiz and other similar.

Are you a pokemon master too? If you are, try our quiz, and find out if you deserve the honour to become one of theme someday. Don't be hasty and good luck!

  1. In which level does shelgon evolve into salamence?
  2. In which region was whiscash found?
  3. According to the pokedex, what does an umbreon do when agitated?
  4. In pokemon Platinum, cynthia's team is: garchomp, lucario, milotic, spiritomb, togekiss and...
  5. which is gengar's base sp. attack stat?
  6. Which pokemon is the national pokedex no.151
  7. In which region was developed Octillery?
  8. Which one of these moves is sure to strike?
  9. In which type does gallade belong?
  10. Which is shuckle's base sp.defense stat?
  11. (very difficult)Which pokemon loses 40 base speed points when it evolves?

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