Are you Yin or Yang?

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Yin-Yang represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents "everything", while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called yin and yang, which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other.

Which of the energies are you? Are you light or dark. Life or death? See the answers in plain black and white. Just answer twelve questions and you can find out!

Created by: Yang
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  1. Which time is better, night or day?
  2. Where would you rather be? Living it up at a party with many people, or comfortably reading a book or watching a movie at home alone or with a few friends?
  3. Who are you? The friend asking to copy the homework from the friend, or the friend being asked to let the friend copy the homework.
  4. What do you like most? Light or dark?
  5. Someone calls you a name. You...
  6. A horrible thing will wipe out all life from earth but you are totally safe. If you know you can prevent this horrible thing from wiping out all life on earth, would you do it if it meant you would die?
  7. Which is the best season?
  8. Which is better? Black or white?
  9. Is the glass half full or empty?
  10. Do you think you are Yin or Yang

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Quiz topic: Am I Yin or Yang?