Do You Know Pokemon?

Do you think you know pokemon? take this quiz and find out yourself if you have what it takes to be a pokemon master. What are you waiting for, go ahead!

there are 11 questions and 10 affect your score. how do you get phione, how many unknown forms are there, what year did the first movie come out, and more!

Created by: Jackson

  1. How do you evolve Eevee into Sylveon?
  2. what is primal groudon's new ability?
  3. What pokemon game comes out March 18th, 2016?
  4. how do you get phione?
  5. how many cities are in the hoenn region?
  6. who created the legendary beasts?
  7. who is the god of pokemon?
  8. what gen was umbreon created in?
  9. Get ready for the hardest question so far. How many unknown forms are there?
  10. when was the first movie released?
  11. did you like the quiz? (say heck yea for correct, sorry)

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Pokemon?