Alola! How much do you know about Pokemon Sun & Moon?

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Have you played Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon? (Of course you have. They came out like three years ago.) Do you have a good memory? Do you want to test your knowledge about the Alola region? If so, then this is the quiz for you!

Show your knowledge about the people, places, and Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. This is kind of a tough quiz, so don't be disappointed if you don't get every question right. Don't stress it; just have fun!

Created by: Naomi Goyette
  1. What are the names (in order that you explore them in the games) of the four islands of the Alola region?
  2. Where do you receive your first Pokémon?
  3. Speaking of the first Pokémon...what are their names?
  4. And what types are added to their final evolutions?
  5. Remember Hau, your rival? Who is he, exactly?
  6. What's the first Ride Pokémon that is registered to your Ride Pager?
  7. And what does that Ride Pokémon do?
  8. Enter Team Skull! Where do you first encounter the region's crime syndicate, and how many grunts are there looking to pick a fight?
  9. True or false: Your first Trial on Akala Island is a Grass-type trial run by Mallow.
  10. Which of the following is NOT a Pokémon on Hau's team?
  11. What Pokémon type does Kahuna Olivia specialize in, and what's the Z-move called?
  12. True or false: Sophocles' Steel-type trial is the first one you face on Ula'ula Island.
  13. After you clear Sophocles' trial, whose trial do you go to next?
  14. One of Alola's more unique Pokémon is Oricorio, who can become an Electric, Psychic, Fire, or Ghost type, depending on what kind of nectar it drinks. What are its four Formes called?
  15. True or false: The Lake of the Moone (where you encounter Lunala in Pokémon Moon) is on Ula'ula Island.
  16. What Pokémon does Kahuna Nanu have a lot of?
  17. What Ultra Beast does Lusamine fuse with in Ultra Space?
  18. After you complete the Poni Island Grand Trial, Kahuna Hapu registers the Pokémon Mudsdale to your Ride Pager. What does Mudsdale do in the field?
  19. Which of the following Trainers is NOT a member of the Elite Four?
  20. You've beaten the Elite Four! Now who do you get to battle?

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Quiz topic: Alola! How much do I know about Pokemon Sun & Moon?