How much do you know Pokemon?

A lot of people know about Pokemon, but few can call themselves an expert. Sure, you can catch that stray Rattata, but are you really the Pokemon fanatic you think you are?

Well, with the help of this quiz, you'll be able to hone your skills about Pokemon knowledge. Beat this quiz, and you'll be considered a (honorary) Pokemon League Champion! Good luck.

Created by: AdmiralMudkipz

  1. What type is Mew?
  2. What is Red's team in HG/SS?
  3. What is Pokemon #25 in the Kanto Pokedex?
  4. What type is Steelix?
  5. What was the original name for Pokemon?
  6. What is Victini's signature attack?
  7. Is Giovanni Ash's dad?
  8. What is the final gym leader in Johto?
  9. What is your dad's name in R/S/E?
  10. Do you like Pokemon?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Pokemon?