How much do you know about pokemon?

Pokemon:One of the most famous in the gaming world! And in this test you will see if you know a lot about Pokemon OR have you just heared pikachu? Make sure you have knowledge about Pokemon with you!

Do you really know pokemon? Do you really know what stuff you should know about pokemon?LUCKY FOR YOU BECAUSE IN A FEW MINUTES , you will be tested and the result might shock you.

Created by: 777HgFRANCISHg777
  1. Which of these pokemon is ice type?
  2. Which of these pokemon does ash have?
  3. Who was called PIKABLU?
  4. How many generarations are there? 2017 based:
  5. Which of these are the legendary pokemon of GENERATION 4?
  6. What Stone turns Poliwhirl to Politoed? (not poliwrath)
  7. Which of these is Flying type only?
  8. Which of these pokemon did ash get from a trade?
  9. Which of these is water type
  10. Did ash have a Torterra?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about pokemon?